In 2010, Göran Plåt took on the roles of MD as well as Board Member with Suntopia Hotels. It soon became very clear that an international children’s club concept for eight non-conceptualized hotel products was urgently needed. The new concept was to encompass contemporary content and design, a full range of daily activities and animation, shows, and modern interactive technology.

Göran began searching his network within the entertainment business for the right people. When Annika and Jens from Rednex came on board, it all clicked. The Captain Popcorn and Friends concept was born and launched in May 2011.

  • During our years performing internationally with Rednex, we became involved in a number of side project, often simply through meeting the right people. One of them was Göran Plåt, at the time concept manager for Blue Village. After performing at several of the resorts under Göran’s leadership, he asked us to come up with an idea for a children’s entertainment concept with sustainability as the underlying pedagogic theme. Under Göran’s excellent leadership, we put together a group of great people and created a storyline, characters and wrote and recorded all music. Award-winning tv producer Marie Sandeborg was brought for production duties, as well as the Tre Art advertising agency for design and animation duties. Göran created an open creative climate where everyone’s input counted, and the end result was amazing.

    Annika Ljungberg & Jens Sylsjö
    Annika Ljungberg & Jens Sylsjö Rednex