TUI Nordics Blue Village’s flagship Pascha Bay was for a long time the leading product in sustainable hotel development. Under Göran Plåt’s leadership, several innovative eco solutions were pioneered at Pascha Bay, later to become standard for the Blue Village hotel portfolio worldwide. These included ISO 14001 certification and features such as own wind power for public illumination, recycled frying oil powering tractors and garden machinery and a groundwater-chilled pool to minimize chemical consumption and improve customer experience.

These innovations contributed to the founding of the TUI Nordic Environmental award, with Göran Plåt as the first recipient.

  • Göran Plåt, at that time MD Star Tour Hotels AS, Pascha Bay, was one of the most innovative drivers of the sustainable development within the hotel sector of TUI Nordic. Ideas became real in his care and many of them were implemented worldwide within TUI. Göran has the ability to inspire others and the energy to carry through initiatives. His genuine interest to create outstanding customer satisfaction is a great asset. I strongly recommend anyone in need of developing customer care to its uttermost to be inspired by Göran.

    Jim Hofverberg
    Jim Hofverberg Nordic Environmental Manager, TUI Nordic 2008-2009