Assignment: to deliver, install and operate sound, light and vision for the all Blue Village stages from Thailand to Grand Canaria in cooperation with the 2Entertain advisory team.

  • First worked with Göran 1993 and have continued to do so ever since, and I always enjoy it, both from a  personal and professional standpoint. He always has a strong vision, but is equally keen to listen to your opinion and always prepared to follow good advice. Göran has an enormous ambition to get things done and an impressive commitment and dedication to whatever he puts his work into. He has a unique ability to get the best out of his team, always making sure all members get their fair share of the applause when the work is done. I can heartily recommend working with Göran Plåt.

    Kristian Kavale
    Kristian Kavale VD/CO-Owner AV 1