In the winter of 2009-2010, TUI Travel PLC decided to set up its own hotel management for the at the time very important Turkish market. The object was to secure a sustainable operation, with the strategic goal of becoming the leading hotel operator in the region.

Encompassing 14 hotels, 9 000 rooms, 22 000 beds and 5 500 employees during peak season, the project began in February 2010. Göran Plåt was assigned as Managing Director, and tasked with strategically structuring the business, managing its launch and developing a modern, sustainable hotel operation with a long-term development plan in place.

All hotels was successfully in operation in May of 2010. TTHotels is to this day one of the leading hotel management companies in Turkey.

  • I had the pleasure of working with Goran for 16 years. He is a friend and colleague. For many years he was the Managing Director of Star Tour Hotels AS, Pascha Bay Resort, Antalya. He created at this hotel, one of the most successful and popular Blue Village Resorts. He was always looking for creative ways to improve and enhance the guest experience. His drive and energy meant that he was always able to exceed the expectations of his guests, even those many repeat visitors. Later, Goran was responsible for taking over the management of 2 large hotel businesses in Turkey (Joy Hotels (11 properties) and Magic Life (6 properties) altogether 22000 beds. He was successful in both cases and ensured smooth and successful operations. He was able to take problematic hotels and turn them into award winners. This required, firstly, a detailed understanding of revenues and costs and secondly, a great working relationship with the hotel staff. Goran is an expert hotelier, with great knowledge of food & beverage and entertainment.

    Neil Evans
    Neil Evans COO Karisma Hotels